Repipe Burien


Water and sewer pipes tend to work efficiently for decades when they are installed correctly with quality materials. However, they cannot last forever and every property owner has to eventually go in for sewer repipe or water repipe in Burien, WA. At Burien Plumber, we offer our skilful services to people who are planning on a plumbing repiping project.

Typically, we are asked to come in to do repipe work to replace aging water or sewer lines. Our plumbing repiping services in Burien can, however, even be required prematurely. Improper installation, poor pipe quality, and ground shifting are some reasons why repipe work has to be done much earlier than usual. We advise people to watch out for symptoms indicating the need for a repipe. These signs include:

  • Consistently low water pressure
  • Discolored or bitter-tasting water
  • Repeated leaks
  • Frequent drain clogging

Call Burien Plumber at (253) 259-2265 if you notice any of these signs. You may need to repipe your Burien property. We handle commercial, as well as house replumbing jobs throughout Burien.

Plumbing Repiping Burien


No plumbing repiping job is beyond our capabilities. We are staffed by certified technicians in the Burien region who have extensive experience in doing repipe plumbing work. Our repipe plumbers are capable of successfully completing any big or small repiping job. Feel free to hire us, be it for whole house replumbing or plumbing repiping in just one bathroom at your business place in Burien.

We offer wide-ranging plumbing repiping services in Burien. Our repipe specialist can be brought in to:

  • Replace galvanized pipes
  • Perform PEX repiping
  • Carry out copper repiping
  • Do cast iron pipe replacement

Choosing Burien Plumber for plumbing repiping in your Burien property is an assurance of a seamlessly done, code-compliant job. Call (253) 259-2265 to discuss your copper, iron or PEX repipe needs.

House Replumbing Burien


Being an ethical, customer-friendly company in the Burien area, we go all out to provide the most honest and professional repipe services. We realize that house replumbing is a big and important project that can have major financial implications.

We realize this can impact the convenience for our customers throughout Burien in daily living. That is why we strive to have all house replumbing jobs done by plumbers who have proven skill in doing repipe work. We do house replumbing using top-grade piping and materials.

Call us to repipe your Burien home in the following cases:

  • Excess moisture in different areas
  • Mold presence
  • Damage to structure
  • Increased water bills

To hire the repipe experts at Burien Plumber for house replumbing services in Burien, call (253) 259-2265.